Where are the libraries of all the old homeopathic doctors of the past?

University of Michigan, National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Ohio State University, National Library of Medicine, National Center for Homeopathy, Hahnemann Archives, Chris Ellithorp, William Kirtsos, Richard Moskowitz, Dana Ullman (USA), Faculty of Homoeopathy, Glasgow Homoeopathic Library, Francis Treuherz (UK), Bosch Institute, KH Gypser (Germany), Universitry of Utrecht (Netherlands), Jacques Baur, Boiron Institute (France), Pierre Schmidt Collection (Switzerland), André Saine (Canada)
and now...

The Homœopathic Archives


The collection includes 2020 volumes including


The books include a number of Organons (3rd edition in German, 4th Edition from 1836— translated by Hering, and an assortment of 5th and 6th editions), A full set of Allen's, Hering's, Clarke's, Gentry's, and Hughes' materia medica, a number of smaller repertories (Winterburn, Millspaugh, Santee, Douglas, Lee, etc.) and many books that bear the signatures of previous owners— Hering, Nash, Roberts, E. Carleton, Robert Cooper, J. H. Clarke, etc.

There are a number of old catalogues from pharmacies including a listing of remedies made by


There are a number of original manuscripts Bell on Diarrhea and several proving notebooks from Malcom and (right) Donald MacFarlan.


1000 different remedies in varying potencies, all on number 10 granules (or smaller) came from a variety of sources. The large part came from Edmund Carleton. Many came from William Kaercher, the son-in-law of Bernhardt Fincke— who made them, and the remainder came from the collections of Boericke and Tafel, Elizabeth Wright-Hubbard, and HA Roberts. Many of the remedies are "DM" and "MM" potencies. Several are identified as being made on the Kent or Allen potentiser at Ehrhart and Karl. There are several bottles identified as "Jenichen" potencies.


The ephemera includes many photographs of homeopaths (the original of Kent in the garden with his wife is here), old labels, letters from Elizabeth Wright Hubbard, Julia M. Green, K. A. MacLaren, Rudolph Rabe, one letter from Kent, two from Hering, postcards of Homoeopathic Hospitals, and more.


A collection of old pharmacy bottles from Boericke & Tafel, Washington Homeopathic, Luyties, Otis Clapp, Borneman, Karl Gruner,and Dresden. Above, Dunham potencies from Smith's Pharmacy in New York.


Several old kits: a wooden box from Boericke & Tafel, a B&T Leather Kit for physicians from 1939, kits from turn of the century physicians, and a kit (right) from the Leipzig Homeopathic Pharmacy, circa 1840.
The library is open for viewing and research by appointment. It is located in Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand. Send an e-mail to the library here.

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